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    Multifunction Pizza Oven


    Rated power supply:100-120V,220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
    Temperature:up to 450℉
    Rated capacity:17L
    Air frying basket can bake 1.8Kg
    Flat base can bake 13-inch pizza

    PRODUCT SIZE: 500*375*190mm

    AIR FRY: Make foods that would traditionally be fried—such as chicken wings, French fries, and chicken nuggets— with little to no added oil. 
    AIR ROAST: Achieve a crispy outside and perfectly cooked inside for full-sized sheet pan meals, thicker proteins, and roasted veggies. 
    AIR BROIL: Broils meat and fish and evenly browns the tops of casseroles. 
    BAKE: Evenly bakes everything from your favorite cookies to homemade pizzas. 
    DEHYDRATE: Dehydrates meats, fruits, and vegetables for healthy snacks. 
    KEEP WARM: Keeps food warm up to 2 hours.
    TOAST: Evenly toasts up to 9 slices of bread to your perfect level of darkness. 
    BAGEL: Perfectly toast up to 9 slices of bagels halves when they’re placed cut-side up on the wire rack. 
    GRILL:Roast meat, fish, vegetables, etc on a frying pan. Experience the fun of barbecue.

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    Wechat public platform
    Access via mobile phone
    Wechat public platform
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