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    Mulltifunction Cooking Pot


    Voltage: 100-120V~ 50/60Hz ; 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
    Power:1200W / 1500W
    Capacity of deep pan: 3.3L
    Temperature: Insulation gear (90℃)-low grade (116℃)-medium grade (171℃)-high grade (240℃)

    ·Electronic touch button operation, integrated appearance, smarter control
    ·Four kinds of pots/plates, four different cooking experiences
    ·1500W high-power heating plate, high thermal efficiency
    ·Don't pick the pot, it can be applied to different types of pans
    ·Disc Type: Aluminum Die Casting
    ·Soup plate Cover: cold plate (powder or oil spray, food grade)

    ·Gear position: heat preservation gear (90℃)-low grade (116℃)-medium grade (171℃)-high grade (240℃)

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    Wechat public platform
    Access via mobile phone
    Wechat public platform
    Access via mobile phone